How to be a Polite Party Guest

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Polite Party GuestAS A PARTY VENUE, we see a few basic frustrations party parents experience, EVERY WEEKEND. Here are a few tips on how to be the perfect party guest - remember, when your turn as party host comes, you would also like to have perfect party guests...

      1. RSVP ON TIME, RSVP on time, rsvp ON TIME - we can go on about this all day long. If they haven't heard from you, you will not be on the guest list (which can be a bit embarrassing when turning up..)
      2. READ all messages or e-mail communication from the party parent regarding the party. (As a venue we send a special welcome letter to all party parents to pass on to their guests so that guests know where we are and what to expect - this is important info which helps you enjoy your time more.)
      3. Don't be half an hour late, or even 5 minutes - the little party girl or party boy CANNOT WAIT to cut the cake and blow out the candles and want all their little friends there for that special moment.
      1. If you want to bring a sibling, ASK FIRST if you may and at least OFFER TO PAY for them - party parents pay per child at party venues and end up with unexpected costs at the end of the party if you've not made arrangements.
      2. DON'T BRING YOUR spouse/partner/mom/granny/auntie/uncle if you have not ARRANGED WITH/NOTED IN YOUR RSVP to the party parent first. At Funtastic, only a certain number of party adults enter for free - the party parents are charged a fee for extra adults (and children over 12 years).
      3. Enjoy the eats, drinks and activities that your party hosts provide and pay for EXTRAS yourself.  Most party parents are very generous, but it's not always possible to cover everything that party guests want on the day.
      4. LEAVE ON TIME - your party invitation will state the duration of the party. Start preparing your little one at least 15 minutes before the end-time that it will be time to leave soon. Again, the party parents are held liable for guests that stay and play longer than the party slot they have booked and paid for.

AND SO with these tips at  hand, you can't go wrong - you can be the perfect and most polite party guest as you would expect yours to be when your turn comes.


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