Your Kiddies Party Checklist

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Kids Party ChecklistIf you've never done it before or time is limited, planning a kiddies party can be quite daunting.  Where to start? What is too much, what is too little?

Here at Funtastic we talk to (mostly) moms about this all the time, so below are a few basics that you can go with and a super cool checklist that will help you with your planning:

Basic Do's

  • Decide beforehand whether you want to keep it simple or go all out - stick to that decision
  • Set your budget/limit, either in total or a total per child (including at least 1 parent per child) from the very start - things can quickly get out of hand even if you host a party at home (actually, especially then!)
  • Decide beforehand whether you will accommodate 1 or both parents per child and add this info into your invitation
  • Decide how much catering you'll do for the parents.  Too much will go to waste and remember it's a party for the kids, not for the adults.
  • Get the kids to help, involve them in the planning and putting things together - keep the excitement going
  • Do relax and enjoy the party

Basic Dont's

  • Don't send out a "Save the Date" if you're not 100% sure of your venue
  • Don't try to please absolutely everyone with the time or location, go with what will work for most parents and children and with what you know your child will love
  • Don't stress too much if something does not go according to your expectation or THE PLAN, improvising can lead to improvement!

Kids Party


  • Get your initial guest list together
  • Book the party venue
  • Hire the entertainer(s)
  • Hire the party planner (if you're using one)
  • Decide on a party theme


  • Prepare your invitations
  • Get a class list from the teacher
  • Decide on party activities/games and the menu
  • Place your cake and other bakes and platters order


  • Send your invitations
  • Order, buy and your party supplies
  • Provisionally book any rental items
  • If you think you'll need extra help, book it now.


  • Make a list of items not purchased/delivered/collected yet
  • Remind guests to RSVP


  • Get last confirmations from guests
  • Confirm all details with the venue, make any changes to your original order/arrangements now
  • Send the guest list (confirmed) and final numbers to the venue
  • Order your balloons
  • Make a list of things to remember e.g. cake knife, candles, candle lighter, cake forks etc.


  • Buy party food, snacks and favours
  • Check and charge camera batteries if you're using one
  • Confirm time and location with entertainer
  • Put your party packs together


  • Bake the cake or collect the day before
  • Collect balloons the day before
  • Decorate home or gather decorations for party venue
  • Prepare fresh food items the day/night before
  • Put all items in one place, ready to grab and go
  • Check your

Send thank you notes!

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